What’s new?

Recent adds to the digital black inventory:

Riedel DSP-2312, RSP-2318, and ESP-2324 SmartPanels

Riedel Artist 1024 digital matrux intercom frame

Riedel Bolero wireless intercom system for use with Riedel Artist or as a standalone intercom system

PWS S5321 in-line bandpass filter, 470-616MHz

Ferrofish A32 Dante MADI/DANTE/analog converter

Shure PSM1000 wireless in-ear monitor systems, X55 bandsplit

Cedar DNS-8D 8 channel digital noise suppressor with Dante connectivity

Clear-Com VI-series Iris rotary intercom panels for Eclipse

Clear-Com E-MADI64-HX 64x64 MADI card for Eclipse

Clear-Com LQ-R2W4-4W4 IP interface

Clear-Com LQ-R2W4-4W4 IP interface with Agent-IC licenses

Clear-Com E-Dante64-HX 64x64 Dante card for Eclipse

more Clear-Com V-series key panels for Eclipse

more Agent-IC licenses for Eclipse frames

Shure EAC-IFB coiled IFB earphone cable

Clear-Com HMS-4X HelixNet digital intercom master station

Clear-Com HXII-BP digital intercom beltpacks

PWS PRZM RF over fiber systems

Wisycom BFA in-line receive amplifiers with tunable filters

Wisycom LBN2 passive log antenna

more Clear-Com Freespeak II 1.9GHz IP transceiver

Wisycom MTK-952 dual 250mW IEM transmitter w/ MS option

Clear-Com Eclipse HX Delta frame

Shure ADX1 beltpack transmitters in G57 and X55 bandsplit

Shure ADX2FD handheld transmitters (dual transmit) in G57 bandsplit

Shure SBC840-US battery chargers for ADX

Shure AD610 diversity ShowLink access points

Clear-Com Eclipse HX Median frame