IEM & IFB systems

IEM electronics

·     Lectrosonics R1a wireless beltpack receiver

·     Lectrosonics T4 wireless IFB transmitter

·     RAD TX-8 8-way active antenna combiner

·     Shure P6HW wired stereo IEM beltpack

·     Shure P9HW wired stereo IEM beltpack

·     Shure P10R and P10R+ wireless beltpack receiver

·     Shure P10T dual stereo IEM transmitter

·     Shure PA421B 4-way active antenna combiner

·     Shure PA421BX 4-way active antenna combiner

·     Shure PA821B 8-way active antenna combiner

·     Shure PA821BX 8-way active antenna combiner

·     Wisycom CSI16T/W 16-way passive wideband antenna combiner

·     Wisycom MPR50-IEM beltpack receiver

·     Wisycom MTK-952 dual 250mW IEM transmitter w/ MS option

in-ear monitors and headphones

·     Direct Sound Isolation headphones

·     Shure EAC-IFB coiled IFB earphone cable

·     Shure SE215CL earphones

·     Shure SE315CL earphones

·     Shure SE315CL mono earphone on EAC-IFB cable

·     Shure SE425CL earphones

·     Shure SE535CL earphones

·     Shure SRH840 headphones

·     Shure SRH940 headphones

·     Sony MDR-7506 headphones